Best regards to all our new friends!

This is a special blogpost for Johnny and his family from Australia. If we had not met you, Viva Las Vegas had not been the same. Johnny told us where everything happens and introduced us to many nice people, among others Roy who invited us to Rancho Ronny pre-party. He was as kind and invited us to dinner with him and his nice family! I am so sorry that we did not have time to say goodbye properly before we had to go to the airport ...

I hope your last days in Vegas were successful and that you had a good trip home!
A special Thank's to you Johnny. We hope to hear from you soon!

For all my new friends, I will start translating every blog post to English. To leave a comment. Click "Kommentarer" as "coment's" in Swedish ... I use google translate so it can get a little crazy sometimes! Pardon!


Postat av: RockingjohnnyV

Greetings guys !!!!! Hope you are well !!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and we are glad you had a great time in Vegas. We finally got the chance to see your blogg as it takes time to settle back into life after such a long trip. Please take care of yourselves and we can chat soon !!! Love from Australia!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-05-03 @ 22:53:24

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